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I am working in IT company and used to tea for every two hours and the whole day is spent with tea even at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel acidity the whole day and a lot of problems attached to it.  I am now thinking to reduce to 3-4 and then to only 2-3.

Can you help me in this objective?

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That's good that you have become aware of your habit of taking tea frequently and this awareness is first step to crack this loop of taking tea after every two hours. Basically because of intensive brain work, you need energy and stimulations due to mental fatigue that you compensate with tea or may be other beverage. This cause strain on physically brain and mental level.

I would suggest to replace the tea with fruit juice which will compensate the need for glucose as well as detoxify the body but be under guidance of your doctor if you are suffering from any chronic disorder for diabetes, etc.  Also, you can replace your tea with one product of Patanjali company - that is Divya Pey - Herbal Tea, which is absolute replacement of tea and would serve your purpose without any negative effects. This tea can be taken with milk and sugar / jaggery or in simple plain water. You can try it and get good results. We have even used in our diabetes camp and got good results as well as in office. Further, you can see its benefits at mouthshut.com at https://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/Patanjali-Divya-Peya-Herbal-Tea-reviews-925881819.