Clapping is Therapeutic

clapping is therapeutic

i listened to Swami Omanand at 2nd international Yoga seminar at ujjain (M.p., india) who emphasised very beautifully about the effects of clapping. He made it evident by drawing our attention to the hospitals where there are either wards for males or females but not for eunuchs because they are always healthy and seldom have any chronic problems because they are well eक्ष्perts in clapping which facilitate pressing of all the points of the hand. By clapping your blood circulation increases and you can cure diseases and makes you active, fresh and energetic throughout the day and physically fit in the long run.

One research study has even observed therapeutic effect of clapping acupoint for treatment of hyperosteoyeny of lumbar vertebra. The study is available at which concluded that Treatment of hyperosteogeny by clapping acupoint was better than simple acupuncture therapy.

You can see the following chart showing various points which activate our vital organs in the body and stimulate them to function smoothly.

You can activate the above points using the accupressure tools or by the acupressurist. but i have found the most simple and free solution to health is clapping which costs nothing except 15 minutes daily.

You can clap in the following ways to leave no point unstimulated and thereby remain healthy.

Head to Head Clapping

This clapping will facilitate the pressure on the points located at fingers, thumbs, and edges of the palm leaving the central place.

Shaking Hand Clapping

This clapping will facilitate the pressure on all the points at the centre of the palms.

Anterior - Posterior Clapping

This clapping will facilitate the pressure on the points at the posterior side of the palms.

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