Yoga Tips

Morning Tip
If you feel sleepy even after waking up on bed, simply breathe in deeply and out 10 times. You will become fully awake.
Afternoon Tip
Take abdominal breathing. Breathe in for 1 to 4 count and retain 1 to 4 count and breathe out for 1 to 4 count. Repeat this cycle 5 times. It refreshes and regains energy inside body.
Still feeling exhausted, take a glass of glucose water.
Night Tip
Avoid dinner at late evening. Ensure that the dinner is light meal.
Stay Healthy
Pranayama and Yoga not only keep the body in good shape but also strengthen heart and nervous system. "Pakshi Pranayam", if done on regular basis, prevents one from tuberculosis. It is said that like human beings, birds also suffer from various ailments but they never get afflicted by tuberculosis. Flap your arms inhaling air eight to ten times and exhale slowly. This exercise should be done at least 11 times at a stretch. Yoga and Pranayama exercises should be done under the supervision of experts.
Bad Breath
Persistent bad breath may not mean that your personal dental hygiene is at fault. Bad breath can be an indication of serious gum disease. It can also be caused by gases and odours coming up from gastrointestinal problems. Some diseases that can cause bad breath are cancer, tuberculosis, syphilis, dehydration and zinc deficiency. Persistent bad breath means that you should consult your dentist and doctor.
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