Secrets of Life

Silence puts a full Stop To Worries.

Silence makes you Sing In Happiness.

Silence makes you Serviceable.

Silence is having Sympathy.

Silence makes you Sacred.

Silence is Solitude.

Silence is Serenity.

Silence brings Safety.

Silence is Stillness of Mind.

Silence is having Self-Respect.

Silence makes you Spontaneous.

Silence creates your Inner Strength.

Silence enables you to Know All Secrets of Life.

Gift your thoughts of peace and happiness to all of your friends and relatives !!!
Mentally imagine that you are spreading the vibrations of peace and happiness as a gift to all who come in contact with you during this season of festivals; you will automatically get the returning gift of peace and happiness. This will make atmosphere of your home and office positive and harmonious. Just experiment it and you would be amazed...
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