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Please justify that prevention is better than treatment. If we eat whatever, and enjoy and lateron get medicines to treat what is wrong?

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The Irony is that when the symptoms of the disease become apparent, it is already too late and it takes a lot and too much of the efforts to recover and sometimes it becomes impossible.  The key is starting early to take care of health and its name is Prevention. Hence, prevention is better than cure. And believe me, starting early does not cost much as compared to cure in terms of time, money, efforts to eradicate the disease. Just being following healthy plant based diet and exercise will keep you remain sharp and healthy throughout life. Smaller cost of take care of health early and life long gain seems very economic and not expense.

If you attribute your diseases to genetics and parental inheritance, I may tell you that a small percentage of all human cancers are attributable to a purely genetic factors. The rest is caused by external factors, particularly our diet.

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