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Hi Sir Pranam,

I feel sometime dizziness and lightheadedness (Ghabrahat) after Anulom Vilom Pranayam for 3-4 seconds then it becomes normal, this doesn't happen every day this basically happens either when my stomach is bad or when I have done too much KapalBhati before Anulom Vilom. Generally I do roughly 250 strokes of KapalBhati then Anulom Vilom 11 rounds and then 3 rounds of Bhramri.

Is it ok to have lighthedness and dizziness for few seconds after Anulom Vilom once in a while. I am not suffering from any disease and 33 years old Male (Height 6.1, weight 75 kg)

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It is because of hyperoxia that happens because of excess supply of oxygen due to excessive strokes of kapalbhati.  Check if dizziness or lightheadedness occurs when you do upto 80-120 strokes per minute and then relax. In this way, you can do multiple rounds as per your capacity.

I hope that in anulom vilom pranayama, you are not retaining breath or if retaining breathing that is not beyond capacity, otherwise, the effects of kapalbhati (excessive strokes beyond capacity) and retention of breath without proper ratio or beyond capacity can have cumulative results of light headedness or / and dizziness.

You can also note down to do pranayama on empty stomach - after attending natural calls.

I have mentioned below the correct steps to be followed in kapalbhati for better results.

You may follow like this:

  1. Sit comfortably in padmasana or sukhasana with an straightened spine or back.
  2. Take deep breaths 3 times.
  3. Now, exhale forcibly & actively using abdominal muscles. Inhale passively using the abdominal muscles only Remember i have used word "passively" it means that you should not bother about inhalation. Inhalation will be done automatic when you repeat number of exhalations (strokes).  There is no holding of breath.
  4. When you complete your strokes, breathing will be automatically slowed down which creates deep silence of mind. Be in this state for some time.
  5. Then start for next round after a while.
  6. You can do 5-6 rounds or more as per your capacity.
  7. Thereafter, you can do the Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Brahmri Pranayama.
Please feel free to write for more clarifications, if any required.

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